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Crypto thoughts in a decentralized manner... Or why the new way of leading politics by the world elite, needs new way of politic

11 Sep 2022
Will be series of images dedicated to our basics animal needs, reminding us our insignificence here. After "#Raising funds for toilet paper", we will expect "#spare some change" series of images, sooner than never. #3D_EnCore
7 Sep 2022

After not satisfying results in the so-called "COVIDEO19 TEST", Mousie the Vagabond is ready with his new neat plan completely responding with his shady nature and drunken promises.

     Watching the response and basic needs of humanity after his "COVIDEO19 TEST", here Mousie the Vagabond presents his #toiletevent2022 followed by a series of dedicated NFTs and artwork with part one of the #2022toiletevent, RAISING FUNDS FOR TOILET PAPER. It is meant to ensure the proper running of the execution code, starting the String of events based on the consequence/action theory of one of the greatest kinds of homo sapience examples of our current Time- 3D_EnCore.By keeping one of the main features of the homo Erectus evolved, the erection thoughts. Mousie the Vagabond wrote the starting process of a chain of events leading to the final part of the #toiletevent202... on the event, called #Appocalypsisbutnotnow_'cosit's_alreadystarted where COVIDEO19 leads to newly born DNA/RNA vaccines, inoculated mass diaryah effect. Mass diaryah effect led to impossible stink and the impossible stink led to high levels of anger and a huge weight of enraging in the draconian minds of ex. dinosaur race- the reptilians. And when they took the chain of events into their own hands, one of the most successful movie directors in the era- Steven Lucas King, made his lifetime artwork called "Thin brown line". 

     The reptilians used to resolve their problems by smashing an asteroid into the head of our poor planet, threatening humanity with the same fate. And humanity responds by an extended search for toilet paper. 

     #toiletevent2022/Raising funds for toilet paper gives the execution and birth of the INTER planetary code written by Mousie the Vagabond which is a fork of his 2006 work-#TimeMagazin2006#manoftheyear. 

Mousie the Vagabond Raising funds for toilet paper#toiletevent2022
Mousie the Vagabond Raising funds for toilet paper#toiletevent2022
6 Sep 2022

Mousie the vagabond /surprised but pleasurly 

Raisng funds for toilet paper#toilet event 2022
Raisng funds for toilet paper#toilet event 2022
4 Sep 2022

Why today's economic model is going to decline from crisis to bigger ones moved by inflation? 

  1.   How many of you remember Duglas's Adams masterpiece "Hitchhikers' guide to the Galaxy"? When near the end of the journey, human beings come down to the Earth on spaceships and mixed with the indigenous people, the first thing to do was to invent money, taking the fallen leaves as images and examples of them. The Newcomers came relatively fast to the conclusion that inflation is inevitable because of the extended search for money, leading to the loss of all of its value.       a)  That is the purpose of my first and leading document, with the weight of the White Paper but White Toilet Paper instead because this is the only true use of our today's FIAT currencies. With imperfection and constantly losing their value, because of the ever-growing discrepancies between the search for money and their supply, a hole,   sinks all of the value of the 99% of the global human population. For them is the meaning of the document here- the white toilet paper because these written words are meant to be heard, pinpointing the need for a new economic model and a new way of envisioning the structure of the current political reality, this will be referred as the starting point of these new political divisions, shortly, executing the new global plan for improvement of Life in every sphere of it, by introducing "the nature of duality" to the common 99% black hands, showing them the need of only two poles of political wings in the parliament, where the colors would be insignificant and would show only the need of index of recognizing the nature of duality, being a model for easy understanding, where your loyalty lies on. If you belong to the 99% of worker bees or you are 1% elite, representing the old way, the way of the Phoenicians and their Phoenician signs. . .
  2. How and why, the economy model, old enough to be forgotten forever is still relative to our 21 century days, and the need for what made that wheel continue turning for more than 2000 years, without seeing the need for changing that model for all that time and who is benefiting from? When you think about how old today's economy models are, you are starting to believe that, the reason a model, is so old, old enough to be forgotten, is still valid today, executing the same purpose as the reason to be created in the first place, and it is the fact that the signs could be Phoenician but all credits for being that model still used 2000 years later are a credit to their biggest rivals, Romans, who by copycat biggest achievements of the Cartagena, beat them in their own game and by copying the economy model, Romans connected it to their Roman Law, giving the birth of completely new meaning maybe understandable for their "slave society" but when the same reason is valid today, 2000 years later, why the morally old Roman Law is still actual today when the main function of that Roman Law is prevention. Prevention that THE SLAVE WOULD STAY LIKE THIS UNTIL THE REST OF HIS DAYS>Are we haven't been over it a long time ago? ensuring by b innovative ways of making politics, de by recognizing today are destined to die with certain people that text would have this effect on them, and they would want never these words to be written. This is the first of a series of documents issued under the common name of MEMORANDUM POLITICO and the first of them is called "Ma_*G*_nA HeartA" or transcribed as  {Manna H[e]artA}. The reference to the human heart and the document issued in the mid ages called "Magna Hart", referencing the name of one of the schools influencing the whole eastern Roman empire with antic knowledge and truth, the name of it, "Magnaura school" is the keeper of all the knowledge previously kept in the Bibliotheque of Alexandria until the building is being drowned by the water after a significant earthquake. "Magna heart" is the document giving the birth of all constitutions around the world, giving an example of development.   
  3.     How many of you have ever heard or known about the economic term deflation? It should be the opposite of inflation or the case when the supply of fiat currencies exceeds the search for them, wishful thinking,  only part of big school books of economics pointing in theory what should be the case. But it stays only there, in the theoretical sphere for students to learn about something that never happened in modern human history. In reality, the search for fiat currencies would always be way above their supply, mainly because of one main reason: greed. The money would never be parted equally among the human population but rather these guys who emitted them, finally get them back. The rest stays in one percent of the human population and for the rest, 99 percent of us stay the depth because the banks and these one percent made such a hole between search and supply that all our value sink there. The foundations of today's economic model lay way back in time, from 1500 to 2000 years ago, when the guys remembered as Phoenicians, represent their way of economics and exchange of goods through their Phoenician signs or money, excluding the need for the natural exchange of goods, preventing the need for us today for buying bread with sheep, for example, missing the opportunity today to go shopping with sheep and cows in the mall. By representing their economic model to the rest of the world by the Phoenicians and widely adopted and enhanced through their perspective by the Romans, this economy was modeled by a race who for sure no one remembers and adopted and developed by the Romans for their own needs, giving the economy model, a certain aspect of ensuring the power and issued and control the money by a certain group of people who represents 1% of all population. The rest 99%, ensures the way of life of the previously mentioned 1%. One reason for the success of Roman society as a culture and a state is easily adopted enemy tactics that could be useful to be beaten in their own game. The Phoenicians are not excluded from that faith, and despite their glorious and shining race, state, and path, the closing words of every single Roman senat, "and yet Cartagena must be ruined" or kind of the same meaning was the prophecy the Romans needed, to beat Hanibal and his people in their own game, with their economic model, over the same ships as theirs but with the secret of their fast building revealed by the Romans and forced to fight their toys. With their state left in smoke and ruins, the Cartagena people are unable to defend themselves and are blamed for all economic failures, for today people are left to think that their destiny, all of their lives to dig and repay depths, never their own money belonging to them because they already are being credited in favor of the rest 1%.
  4.    The modern human, for being in a situation like this, is always in-depth, or if not, it is because the money suddenly lost its value and 99% of the population is at the starting point, not only without any assets behind their back but in-depth again. 
  5.   And here is coming one of the main statements of that MEMORANDUM POLITICO and the real reasons for the current situations we are in. 
  6.   Beginning from a little bit away, historically, when the Romans beat their rival and took the economic model, they connected it with their cultural achievement, or one of them- the Roman Law. That kind of law is basic and main for many law schools even today. The Law students, always start their learning with Roman Law as an example of something good. How a document written 2000 years ago could be relevant today? And if that doesn't speak for arrested development, IDK what speaks. . . ? That document is written to be valid for SLAVE SOCIETY, ENSURING THAT THE SLAVE WOULD STAY LIKE THAT UNTIL THE END OF HIS DAYS, BEENG ENSLAVED SOUL FROM THE START OF HIS LIFE, BY THE STATEMENT OF THE ROMAN LAW THAT DEPTH IS BEENG TRANSFERED FROM FATHER TO SON. That is in favor of this 1% elite, who lives on the 99%s backs, and surprisingly or not that statement is valid even today, 2000 years later, when it should be archaic detail from some history lesson, the enslaved society of the Romans lived in, is still here by executing the very same model, showing us that we continue, to live in that slave society, where 99% are ruled by 1% elite who controls all the money by taking in hands all the main resources and money currents. The money, issued by the central banks is always kind of run in a circle. And what is the main characteristic of a circle? That being with that form, you couldn't say where is the beginning and were the end, if it is such at all. And that is the main lie of the elite. That the money always starts to circle with them and they end their cycle in their own hands, so the capital of every ordinary single man is illusionary. Here is the place for the first statement in that MEMORANDUM POLITICO> we, as participants in these events, will fight for the political system to be viewed from a new perspective where the political wings would be only two, the 1% who have and control everything vs this 99% who hadn't anything. By giving birth to a political project in the near or not so future, make our statement clear, for real, stopping that archaic and dead economy model, by taking out of all fiat currencies, easy with one at a time, exchange them for cryptocurrency and assets with the economy model, based on them by executing crypto asset bank, responsible for all human population of a certain country, to have property behind their back and getting rid of the Romans law order that depth is transferred from father to son.
  7.   Next Time we are going to continue, why the circling of the money ends in the hands of the people and authorities emitted them and the methods the banks use for navigating inflation, why this is  "causa perduta", and how this becomes a bigger discrepancy between search and supply and the hole in which the value of the FIAT currencies sink.
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